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Guy Bennett lives in Brisbane Australia, where he has been practicing Kinesiology for 17 years.  He has been running a College for Kinesiology for over 13 years now.

Guy has been interested in personal and spiritual development for 20 years.

I see myself as a kind of activist as I have a cause.  I want to be part of a revolution.  I envision the Earth to return to a sanctuary where man is the custodian of a glorious natural world; where the plants and animals are our brother and sisters, and we as humans are the guardians of Earth, a rare jewel afloat within a majestic cosmos.  I realise such a revolution does not come from war or standing in front of bulldozers.  My activism is one of consciousness……this revolution entails removing the blocks within that shrouds our potential and so, accelerate human evolution in the most effective way possible.  I understand that we must awaken from within one individual at a time; I understand that raising mankind’s consciousness is the only real solution; where no government policy, no protest, no new techology will save us until we raise our awareness sufficently.

I need to be as effective as possible in my quest and so I am refining my tools constantly, looking for the finest edge on my blade, so that I can cut through sharper and deeper into the ignorance that has held us back.  I have always sort to pass on my evolving understanding as quickly as possible so that others may gather them and use them for themselves and others. ….this is my passion ……I share it now.

The theme of this blog site is awaken your healing potential. We hope you enjoy the cross section of stories and articles from Guy’s life that build a richer picture and understanding of Guy Bennett’s vision.


Guy is available for consultations from Wednesdays to Fridays most weeks.  Phone (07) 3876 2100 or email info@createyourreality.com.au to make an appointment.

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Guy Bennett is a leading Kinesiologist based in Brisbane.