Current Interests

Martial Art, Nature, Meditation…

martial arts qi gong

Martial arts

Guy’s own interests include Martial arts extending through to Tai Chi, Aikido and Kung Fu.  He is a lover of nature, enjoys travelling and engaging with different cultures.  He is also a passionate cook.  Guy writes poetry and would confess to being a frustrated musician.  He is consciously engaged in his own spiritual journey and is especially taken with the Dao, which offers an elegant simplicity in the understanding of our place in the Universe.


At the moment Guy is developing a range of meditation recordings. He is on his own journey in understanding the merging of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine in loving relationships.  Guy’s poems and prose reflects this journey as he investigates and focuses on the cultivation of authentic joy and bliss.

Advancing Energy Medicine

Guy is also looking at how to create a richer community amongst  Kinesiologists and energy workers, helping them find a place in modern society.  He is also improving and developing existing courses and writing a new Kinesiology foundation program.

The big shake up

yin yang kinesiology school

yin yang

Guy is very aware that the world is at the beginning of a big shake up and many people are feeling the pressure as we move forward into a new era.  He believes that the way to effect positive planetary change is to effect a shift in the personal consciousness of the individuals of the world.  It is with this conviction that Guy shares his Kinesiology with others.

Healing Connection

Guy’s Kinesiology is crafted to support the re-unification of the mind, body and spirit.  It is Guy’s belief that by plugging the mind/body back into the soul, the body and mind are able to self organise and heal.  Guy refers to the soul as the organising principle.  By being connected to this, we organise back into health.

Kinesiology: The path of Integration

kinesiology applied to student

kinesiology a great centralising tool

Kinesiology is a powerful vehicle for both healing humanity and providing a platform for a planetary shift.  It is a central integrative tool for accelerative change and can bring together many other types of modalities and spiritual disciplines, including science and western medicine.

While Kinesiology is Guy’s centralising technique, he has also integrated the richness of various disciplines and modalities which allow him to provide a unique and gentle way of creating change.  Some of these include Body Harmony, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Rebirthing, Lomi Lomi, Aikido and Craniosacral Therapy.

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