The Teaching Journey

In 2001 many of my clients were keen to learn what I was doing.  Already, I was developing my own approach to kinesiology which a number of people were interested to learn.  Based on this demand, I began my teaching  journey.  The first course I taught was the first part of what is now known as Cranial Kinesiology.  My unfolding destiny finally led  me to establish a Registered Training Organisation named Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology, which delivers a Certificate IV in Kinesiology and a Diploma of Kinesiology.

“Guy’s blend of Science and Spirit is seamless and listening to him teach activates a powerful transformation for everyone who steps into his class to embark on the journey of learning Kinesiology.”

Applied Kinesiology

Kinesiology Applied

I was influenced  by various styles of Kinesiology and give thanks to the teachers who shared their knowledge with me.  These teachers include: Shane Sauter, David Bridgeman, Peter McLellan, Jacque Mooney, Dr Charles Krebs and Hugo Tobar.  I also thank the earlier pioneers for creating the platform for their teachings.

These teachings combined with my interests and unique life experiences allowed me to develop the following modalities and courses: Cranial Kinesiology series, Structural Fundamentals, Kinesiology Practical Applications series, Coaching Kinesiology (Advanced Life Development Program) and Nutrition and Physiology Applications.

My trainings have a unique, easy to follow style as I am able to convey complex information in a way that is easily assimilated.

I have been a key player in modernising the way Kinesiology is learnt, finding ways for my students to learn it more effectively and essentially.

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