Create the Space for Grace

In my experience as a kinesiologist and a qi gong instructor I look for what catalyses rapid transformation in people.  The presence of grace is integral for the process of a real transformation. 

In general terms, grace is understood as a divine experience or process that brings inner strength, support, growth and healing.

In a Christian model grace appears to be a random favour of the divine, without the need for merit from the individual who receives it. 

To contrast it with a Hindu model; grace would be linked to the laws of karma and the intrinsic nature of the individual that receives the grace.  Its occurrence would be connected to the natural laws of cause and effect which can only be understood from a divine perspective.

Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, explains grace as the supernatural healing power of God. 

In my model grace is a restoration.  It is the restoration of the divine order within the individual who receives the grace.  The divine holds the blue print for our optimal design specifications – healing our mind, emotion and body through an interconnection.   This is synonymous with the shift from non self to self, as discussed in previous articles Advanced Healing theory and Achieving Goals with Kinesiology. Grace becomes evident when we shift from an experience of chaos into an awareness of divine order.   

The Christian model sees the bestowing of grace as a special circumstance that occurs at the discretion of God.  Where grace is the awareness of divine order, then grace is potentially everywhere all the time providing we can witness life from the right angle.  For instance: 

The intricate functioning of our body.

The diversity and beauty of this natural world. 

This huge majestic universe. 

Each of the above phenomenon are with us all the time and can reveal to us the ever presence of grace – the divine order at work.  If it is here with us all the time, then there may be the opportunity to create the space for grace to happen in our lives.

Gratitude is the recognition of grace

If two individuals receive an unconditional gift, they may each have a different response:

1.  The first is affected with a deep sense of gratitude.

2.  The second sees it as an opportunity for personal gain.

Both recipients are receiving an unconditional gift; however only one is able to experience the grace.  This means that gratitude is the recognition of grace.  Where grace is happening all the time then gratitude allows us to witness and receive it.

The discipline of space

If grace is ever present and we don’t see it, then we are blocking the awareness of it.   Creating the space for grace is more about just simply creating space.  When we remove the clutter of our own preconceptions then the grace is self-evident. 

Buddhism and other spiritual disciplines work with developing the mind.  The developed mind can steer our intention and awareness.  By steering the mind away from collapsing into unproductive thoughts and behaviours, we avoid short-circuiting the charge in our bodies.  In Buddhist terms grace would be an empty mind and an open heart. 

I see the process of steering the mind as similar to flying a hot air balloon.  A hot air balloon has no propulsion and is at the mercy of the air currents.  However, the altitude can be regulated by changing the density of the air in the balloon through heating it or allowing it to cool.  At different altitudes the winds blow in different directions allowing us to control our direction.  

By referencing ourselves more from the space in our minds rather than the interposing thoughts, the winds of grace carry us to our higher destiny.


And from this point of reflection

We open to conscious projection

Conscious Currents converge

As creativity begins to surge

Random fragments of lost images slot dynamically into place

Construction of a new reality beyond the mundane worldly pace

Images of a forgotten time

Worlds beyond the sky

Dimensional existences

Unfold before the eye

The body sits in stillness as the world does race

Wings of light now lift upon the wind of grace

Liberate the mind, unchain creative urge

Let angelic fires of freedom complete the final purge

Aloft beyond the highest cloud

With feet firmly on the ground

Dance silently among us

To the beat of the cosmic sound

By Guy Bennett

Grace and the transformation of Consciousness

When we are in a conscious state of grace then we are undergoing transformation.

Before a shift in consciousness we have what we call charge-compression which is an increase in charge within the individual.  This is accompanied by a sense of stress or pressure.  There is also an inner resistance – blockage as the flow of charge is impeded. This state feels uncomfortable and chaotic.

We have two ways we can go; we can short-circuit the charge by acting out an old pattern. Or the blockage can be released as we shift into the next state of consciousness.

The movement into the next state of consciousness releases the charge compression; we are expanded with a new perspective in how we view our reality and a sense of divine order returns.

The active transition between levels of consciousness as we develop spiritually leaves us with a sense of awe which predisposes us to a feeling of gratitude and a sense of grace.

Kinesiology and Qi Gong

In my work, the qi gong and the kinesiology offer two different mechanisms for creating a state of grace and transformation. 

Qi Gong acts principally by building charge in the body.

Kinesiology acts principally by dismantling blockages. 

As charge builds in the body we make available the energy for a transformation.

Blockages are the resistance to the flow of charge which prevents a transformation.

The finer art of working with clients to create the space for grace is one of support.  The process of qi gong is a passive support.  Passive support can include the eating of good food, exposing your self to inspirational company, and living within natural environments.  The above is basically what we do on the Qi Gong Retreat – provide the space, then stand back and watch the show.

In the application of kinesiology, we are delving to identify stress and blockages and how they relate to each other; this is an active form of support.  The investigation of specific blockages spans the energy systems, the neurology, physiology, structure, emotional trauma, biochemistry, genetics, spiritual guidance, negative energy attachments and so on.  With the kinesiology, once we have identified an array of interrelated blockages, then we can find out the specific support that is required by the body to dismantle the blockage.

These support tools help us to create the space for grace.

About gbennett

Guy Bennett is a leading Kinesiologist based in Brisbane.