Create Your Realtiy – the deeper meaning

When I called my business “Create Your Reality” more than 12 years ago I wasn’t entirely sure of its implications and to a large extent it’s meaning continues to unfold for me.  Of course from a new age perspective it represents how we attempt to architect our lives based on manifesting our desires as a means to fulfilment.  However from my experience in my own life and watching the lives of others most of our desires are largely empty.  In my experience as a coach and Kinesiologist, I have found that people mostly reach for what they think they want not necessarily what they need.  I most cases there is a deeper want discovered below the surface wanting and another below that.  As individuals spin through their layers of wanting they appear to dig deeper into themselves colliding with the fragility of their own humanity.

In the Tibetan book of the dead, which is a book that depicts the passage of the soul after death is read as a type of Buddhist last rights, here a deeper understanding of Creating Your Reality is understood.  The Tibetan book of the dead depicts two alternate realities experienced after death.  The first is not dissimilar to the multitude of documented near death experiences; in the first stage of death the passed (as I will refer to the recently dead), are reunited with their loved ones who have also passed and deities they may have held in esteem during their life time.  Here, the passed feels joy, love and a great euphoria.  During the last rights by the Tibetan monk acknowledges these experiences from the dead who they believe can still hear the living and goes on to give the passed a great caution…”what you are experiencing is all but a creation of your own mind, pay no heed and realise this now”  Three days or so after passing the tides change and the experience of the passed alters, in this time the fears of the passed become manifest where they are pursued by demonic projections of their own mind, here the same advice is given…..”what you are experiencing is a creation of your own mind, pay no heed and realise this now”

The passed has two obvious outcomes and the monk is giving a third.  The first outcome is to re-incarnate into a body on Earth which the monk recommends against it as it is just away of escaping the terror.  The second is to go into the tunnel of light, again the monk recommend against it as well as  this will only create re-incarnation on the celestial planes.  The third option is to realise that all  that the passed is  experiencing is a creation of your their own mind…to do this is to reach Buddha consciousness.

I could imagine that once you had crossed over it would be hard to listen to the advice of a monk while you are being reunited with lost love ones or being chased by demons.  So to realise our creative mind potential we would need to be able to rise above our fears and wants.  It would seem that our fears and wants are interlinked with each other  and that the greatest potential of being a creator being is to own that we are completely creating every experience.  So at the point of ultimate responsibility also exists the point of our ultimate freedom.  This is the deeper meaning behind Create Your Reality…simply realise that you are already doing it.

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Guy Bennett is a leading Kinesiologist based in Brisbane.