This is a relative new Japanese Martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba who lived from 1883 to 1969.  It was a hybrid blend of a number of forms of Jujitsu.  Over Ueshiba’s lifetime, it evolved into a unique art form that is based on the flow and movement of “Ki” which is universal energy.

“There is a peaceful and harmonious solution to all situations”

Aikido seeks to find harmony out of conflict and is rooted in unconditional love.  It is a beautiful philosophy, graceful and elegant; however it can be very potent as a martial art.  The precepts of Aikido improve the quality of life and are excellent in facilitating healing.  These precepts are: 

  • Extend Ki
  • Know your opponent’s mind
  • Respect your opponent’s Ki
  • Put yourself in the place of your opponent
  • Perform with confidence


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