Body Harmony

Body Harmony

Body Harmony is a technique that develops acute somatic awareness of one’s own body and the dynamic sensitivity to the aliveness of the body.  Body Harmony allows us to connect with other bodies in a profoundly deep way.

body harmony
Awareness through Body Harmony


Body Harmony is about listening to the deeper needs of the body.  

This modality uses listening, sensitivity, touch and movement to support and track the body.   

It offer a level of sensitivity that meets the body’s immediate needs.  It is so attuned that the support it generates can morph and heal the body with amazing speed.

 I have found that it has greatly refined my touch when working with people.  It stimulates a greater transformation.  It has refined my kinesiology understanding where I now see kinesiology as a process of refined support.

The concept of supporting to heal means that as practitioners we facilitate the body’s own capacity to self organise.

This modality was developed by Don McFarlane.

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