Kinesiology: my main discipline

As a Healer, my central discipline is Kinesiology.   When I started practicing Kinesiology in the late 90s, very few people knew what it was and consequently,  I had free reign to do what my gut instinct told me to do in order to get the best healing outcomes.  This meant that I learned a lot about blending things together.

“To me, the key word that sums up Kinesiology is  ‘Integration’,  which means combining  parts to make a unified whole.  My central understanding is that when things are fractured, then there is unwellness.   When there is wholeness and unity, then there is healing.”

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Integration through kinesiology

Kinesiology creates integration in two ways.  Firstly, it integrates by facilitating a deep communication at the core of the being, which effectively opens up a dialogue between any disconnected parts of the person.  As the parts communicate, they begin the process of integration. Secondly, Kinesiology also integrates modalities.  Kinesiology is itself only “muscle monitoring”.    However, it has integrated  many other modalities, philosophies, sciences and spiritual practices to make it what it is today.

kinesiology centralising tool chakra

kinesiology a great centralising tool

Kinesiology: A great centralising tool

Kinesiology is an awesome centralising tool for any healer, as it harnesses the Universal Intelligence at the core of each being.  This then regulates and organises how and when all the parts of the client assemble into unity for healing to take place.  It also regulates what type of healing tool is utilised, to act as the glue, sticking the parts back into oneness. I love kinesiology because it is constantly teaching me to surf the wave of healing. This wave of healing is two things: 1) The self-organising intelligence that governs healing. 2) The flow of subtle energy. The muscle monitoring is revealing very specific information about the required process of self-organisation for healing and what energetic support is needed. Consequently, I am constantly being exposed to the divine intelligence acting at deeper levels. A big part of this revealed information is the need to support the flow of subtle energy.  This includes Chakras, Auric Bodies and Meridians.   As the body calls upon me to support this flow, my awareness of subtle energy is always increasing.

Awareness of the flow of subtle energy

The mapping together of the self-organising intelligence, with an awareness of the flow of subtle energy, makes Kinesiology a magnificent training ground for developing our healing potential. “I have fallen down the rabbit hole” At this point in my life I have accomplished a lot.  I have a successful practice and my own school in Kinesiology.  My results for clients are rapid and for many, they are astounding.  However,  I do feel that this is just the beginning.   My inner knowledge and experiences in the Far East have revealed to me that we are on the edge of much greater capacities, for which Kinesiology is an ideal training ground.

Heal and evolve

We have really been dumbed down in relation to accepting our capacity to heal and evolve.  I truly believe from the things that I have experienced and witnessed, that stories of Christ strolling past lepers who were instantly healed, are true.   I also believe that this is a fair goal to take on if you step into a healing journey with me.  I am looking for individuals to train and work with, who want to transform society’s perception of human potential and the capacity of human healing.  Kinesiology is a great place to start. Read about the Create Your Reality kinesiology practice courses. In my blog, I hope that by sharing some of my story, I inspire and support you to set your goals high and reach for your ultimate potential.

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About the Author

Guy Bennett is a leading Kinesiologist based in Brisbane.