Tai Chi

Undo the Mind through Tai Chi

To me Tai Chi is the ultimate movement therapy.  It undoes the mind, exposing the nature of the Dao.  It is so challenging – to do Tai Chi well needs to be considered a lifelong endeavour.  I describe the journey as being like trying to reshape a stone with a feather because it takes time to re-organise the mind and the body.

It is a profound and rich journey and provides an impeccable platform for developing healing power and martial prowess.

Tai Chi is about yeilding to and subtly directing gravity.  Instead of opposing gravity, it teaches you to harness its power.  Tai Chi is like comparing a sailing boat with a power boat.  Instead of harnessing the wind and the currents we harness gravity, while all other types of exercise are a kin to the power boat metaphor.   The Art of Tai Chi sets up a self organising vortex, where our relationship with the gravity field creates an implosion, facilitating a positive cascade of Chi within.  Tai Chi creates an awesome reflection point of the relative truth and authenticity of our overall life journey.  There is no space for bullshit in Tai Chi.

I would be very selective about who you choose as a teacher.  I consider tai chi bordering on the edge of being a lost art, eventhough there are many teachers and schools.

I strongly recomend Glenn Blythe as a trainer: 0413 055 714

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