Dr. Charles Krebs in Brisbane

Chuck and Guy

We were fortunate to have Charles Krebs presenting two of his courses in Brisbane in October.  We had kinesiology practitioners and students from all around Australia attending.  It was great to spend time with Charles, I was fortunate to have him stay at my home for the entire time, it was one big 24 hour a day seminar.

It is rare to get some one so scientifically literate and so skilled an knowledgeable about energy medicine.  His knowledge of the scientific publications that support energy medicine are extensive and his explanations are in depth and easy to assimilate.  He is holding an amazing space for kinesiology on the planet at this time.  He supports the kinesiologist to be both confidant and certain that kinesiology is valid as a scientific approach, only a head of its time, where there are hundreds of authenticated papers that help to validate it.  He also clearly explained how the current medical model can’t get its head around the non-linear nature of the human body and current experimental methods cant capture effective data.

Charles also presented an captivating lecture on informational medicine, a new paradigm in healing that Charles has developed….I learnt a lot.

We received lots of positive feed back from students from other colleges from around the country who attended, they enjoyed our new space and our unique culture.

Charles’s seminars opened the new campus for Create Your Reality college of kinesiology….very auspicious, I am deeply great full.

See link to New Campus www.kinesiologycollege.edu.au/new-brisbane-campus/

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