Mind Mastery

My mind creates the world

I create the world I want

I create the mind that creates the world I want

I am that I am that I am that I am

The senses feed into the mind giving us the perception of reality.  The fields of perceived reality overlap to create a shared reality called the collective unconscious.  There are strata of consciousness – a spiritual journey allows us to choose and participate in higher strata of consciousness to neglect this choice to participate means we get drawn into and controlled by the lower collective levels – This is the realm of subcreation.  At the realm of subcreation wanting is infected, and so our wanting leads us away from the higher strata of consciousness and diminishes our creative power.

I align my Mind with Gods Mind

My Desires are Gods Desires

I am that I am the I am that I am

The “I am” sits outside of space and time and is beyond the mind.  It is the part of us which cannot be quantified or described with the mind, it co-ordinates and integrates all our existences in all time lines and dimensions.  It cannot be described or contained by the mind in a conceptual form, however it can be invoked.

About gbennett

Guy Bennett is a leading Kinesiologist based in Brisbane.