Meeting Yogiraj Amar Joyti ji

Yogiraj Amar Joyti ji in 1993

Yogiraj Amar Joyti ji

Dehli 1993

In 1993,  after spending time with Shanti Mayi,  I returned to Delhi.  Abhinav took me to his home on Delhi University Campus as  I was going to purchase some Indian jewellery from him.   I had been running into him all over India!   I  resigned myself  to the fact that I must have been meant to do business with him.

Meeting Professor Ratur

While I was there, his father returned home after a long time queuing  (trying to get his phone reconnected to their new home).   Professor Ratur – Abhinavs’  father, was a man of principle and did not want to pay the bribe money to go into the short queue.  He could easily afford it but did not want to feed the rife coruption of India.  Abhinav had brought a number of Westerners home in the past but  Professor Ratur hadn’t been overly impressed with anyone that he had  met.  He sat down in a commanding fashion and proceeded to interrogate me. I gave a bit back and he stormed off in a huff.  Shortly after,  he came back and said that he liked where I was coming from and extended his friendship to me.

Professor Ratur was a Professor of Sanskrit and a non-dualistic philosophy called  “Advaita”.   He was also a Homeopath and Indian Astrologer.   I was very appreciative of his knowledge and cultural perspective.   He had immersed himself in the strong Hindu framework of obeying  strict Indian practices and the  holy calandar,  while at the same time exploring the depth of Indian Philosophy and Vibrational Medicine with his powerful intellect.

One evening when I was around at Professor Raturs’  house,  he announced that he had a strong urge to share something with me.   He disappeared into a room and came back with a large photographic portrait of a handsome Indian man.   It was Yogiraj Amar Joyti ji.    His presence jumped out of the picture at me.  I was entranced.   Professor Ratur told me that he was more than a hundred years old even though he only looked to be in his late thirties in the picture.   I found his age intriguing.    I was aware that he was passing though Delhi on New Years Eve and I was hoping for an opportunity to meet him.

Meeting Yogiraj Amar Joyti Ji

Within a few days, and with a sanction from the Professor,  I was welcomed to attend a small gathering in his honour in Delhi.   I had to wait about five days, which meant hanging around Delhi, which I was loathing.  During that time, I chose to spend alot of time sitting in my room meditating because the energy of Delhi really does me in and  if I had to live there,  I don’t think I would last long.

Finally it was time to meet Yogiraj Amar Joyti ji.    Abhinav picked me up and we whizzed through the traffic as I sat on the back of his scooter.  We arrived at the unit to which Swamaji was arriving.   He was already there.   There were about 15 people there who were looking at him adoringly.  He greeted me warmly as his well spoken assistant, Sadhnaji, translated any words of English I didn’t understand.

When I sat down with Swamaji I was astonished.  He kept switching gender! One moment I was looking at a man, the next moment I was looking at a woman! This was really doing my head in.   I had never experienced anything remotely like this and I actually sensed that he was doing it on purpose to spin me out.   It was quite clear that he had transcended the limitations of human sexuality and was able to play with it.

I asked Sadhnaji if I could come and visit Swamaji at his home.  He responded that I would be very welcome.  I was thrilled with this as I was looking forward to finding out more about this master and experiencing what he had to offer.  He would be travelling for some time,  so he invited me to come back in about four weeks.

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